Ea Fifa 13 details

–Registration by 7pm Tuesday, June 25
–Games start at 7:30

Teams will be picked at random, from a hat.  Game consoles will be random, too.  Star Range is going to be 4-5 stars, club teams, unless for some insanely awesome reason we run out, then we might throw in some International squads or lower ranked teams (you might get your shot, Galaxy!).  Whoever has the lower rating gets home field advantage.  If equal we flip a coin.

–Losers in the first round get relegated to Europa League tournament

–4 minute halves.  Longer form for the semis, and the final will either be longer or best two out of three.
–Hey!  $4 Carlsburgs all night!
–$10 entry fee gets you two draft beers of your choice and guarantees 3 games ($15 week of)
–Winner gets $100 bar tab
–Runner-up gets 2 tickets to NY Redbulls game of their choice
–Semifinalists get a shot and a beer
—–Winner of Europa League gets 2 tickets to NY Redbulls game of choice