The Premier League is back! Here is the Football Schedule this week

Join Banter in celebrating the first days with $3 Czechvar pints during the games and some manner of breakfast spread for all you early risers.



International Friendlies – placed right at the doorstep of the season so that your favorite player can spend the first months of the campaign injured.

England v Holland – cancelled

Germany v Brazil 2:30

USA v Mexico 8:30 – klinnnnnnggggsmaannnnnnn!!!!!


Tottenham v Everton – always a cracker! Rioters not welcome 10am

Liverpool v Sunderland – leave your beach balls at home 10am

Newcastle v Arsenal – sore subject for gooners 12:30pm


Stoke v Chelsea – Delap attack still in effect; Torres the world’s most expensive bench rider

West Brom v Man Utd – take cover Baggies!

All fans welcome!