Banter Weekend

Saturday 2/8 & Sunday 2/9 we will not be open for the early Premier League games due to low interest. Doors 11:45 am Saturday, 11:15 am Sunday.

Fri 2/7 Dem Debate 8pm

USWNT v Mexico 10pm (olympic qualifying semi!)

Borussia Dortmund viewing party Saturday 12:30pm!

Sunday- USWNT Viewing party with the Olympic Qualifying Final at Noon

Top of the league Bundesliga clash Bayern v RB Leipzig 12:30pm

Milan Derby 2:45pm. Ibra makes it just that bit spicier!

Banter Brooklyn Soccer Schedule Update- 5/26/16

Showing all MLS games-full schedule here

Open early for all games w/drink specials

Fri 27-May
12:00 PM Czech Rep v Malta
2:45 PM England v Australia
7:00 PM Sporting KC v DC United
Toulon Tournament
1:30 PM Portugal v Paraguay

Sat 28-May
Champions League
2:45 PM Real Madrid v Atl Madrid
Championship final
12:00 PM Sheffield Wed v Hull City
5:30 PM Mexico v Paraguay
8:00 PM USA v Bolivia
7:00 PM NY Cosmos v Rayo OKC
8:00 PM Miami v Edmonton

Sun 29-May
11:45 PM Germnany v Slovakia
12:00 PM Spain v Bosnia & Herz
3:45 PM Portugal v Norway
9:00 PM Panama v Brazil
4:00 PM NYCFC v Orlando City
Toulon Final
12:45 PM tbd v tbd

Tue 31-May
2:30 PM Austria v Malta

Wed 1-Jun
10:30 AM Spain v S Korea
2:45 PM Belgium v Finland
2:45 PM Poland v Netherlands

Thu 2-Jun
2:45 PM England v Portugal
7:00 PM NYCFC v Real Salt Lake
Womens Friendly
9:30 PM USA v Japan

Fri 3-Jun
Copa America
9:30 PM USA v Colombia

Sat 4-Jun
Copa America
5:00 PM Costa Rica v Paraguay
7:30 PM Haiti v Peru
10:00 PM Brazil v Ecuador
7:00 PM Fort Lauderdale v NY Cosmos

Sun 5-Jun
Copa America
5:00 PM Jamaica v Venezuela
8:00 PM Mexico v Uruguay

Mon 6-Jun
Copa America
7:00 PM Panama v Bolivia
10:00 PM Argentina v Chile

Tue 7-Jun
Copa America
8:00 PM USA v Costa Rica
10:30 PM Colombia v Paraguay

Wed 8-Jun
Copa America
7:30 PM Brazil v Haiti
10:00 PM Ecuador v Peru

Thu 9-Jun
Copa America
7:30 PM Uruguay v Venezuela
10:00 PM Mexico v Jamaica

Fri 10-Jun
Copa America
7:00 PM Chile v Bolivia
9:30 PM Argentina v Panama
Euro 2016
3:00 PM France v Romania

Sat 11-Jun
Copa America
7:00 PM USA v Paraguay
9:00 PM Colombia v Costa Rica
Euro 2016
9:00 AM Albania v Switzerland
12:00 PM Wales v Slovakia
3:00 PM England v Russia

Sun 12-Jun
Copa America
6:30 PM Ecuador v Haiti
8:30 PM Brazil v Peru
Euro 2016
9:00 AM Turkey v Croatia
12:00 PM Poland v N. Ireland
3:00 PM Germany v Ukraine

Mon 13-Jun
Copa America
8:00 PM Mexico v Venezuela
10:00 PM Uruguay v Jamaica
Euro 2016
9:00 AM Spain v Czech Rep
12:00 PM Rep of Ireland v Sweden
3:00 PM Belgium v Italy

Tue 14-Jun
Copa America
8:00 PM Chile v Panama
10:00 PM Argentina v Bolivia
Euro 2016
12:00 PM Austria v Hungary
3:00 PM Portugal v Iceland

Wed 15-Jun
Euro 2016
9:00 AM Russia v Slovakia
12:00 PM Romania v Switzerland
3:00 PM France v Albania

Thu 16-Jun
Copa America quarter
9:30 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016
9:00 AM England v Wales E
12:00 PM Ukraine v N Ireland
3:00 PM Germany v Poland

Fri 17-Jun
Copa America quarter
8:00 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016
9:00 AM Italy v Sweden
12:00 PM Czech Rep v Croatia
3:00 PM Spain v Turkey
Sat 18-Jun
Copa America quarter
7:00 PM tbd v tbd
10:00 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016
9:00 AM Belgium v Rep of Ireland
12:00 PM Iceland v Hungary
3:00 PM Portugal v Austria

Sun 19-Jun
Euro 2016
3:00 PM Switzerland v France
3:00 PM Romania v Albania
7:30 PM NY Red Bulls v Seattle

Mon 20-Jun
Euro 2016
3:00 PM Slovakia v England
3:00 PM Russia v Wales

Tue 21-Jun
Copa America semi
9:00 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016
12:00 PM N Ireland v Germany
12:00 PM Ukraine v Poland
3:00 PM Croatia v Spain
3:00 PM Czech Rep v Turkey

Wed 22-Jun
Copa America semi
8:00 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016
12:00 PM Iceland v Austria
12:00 PM Hungary v Portugal
3:00 PM Sweden v Belgium
3:00 PM Italy v Rep of Ireland

Sat 25-Jun
Copa America 3rd pl
8:00 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016 Rd of 16
9:00 AM Runner up A v Runner up C
12:00 PM Winner B v Third A C D
3:00 PM Winner D v Third B E F
5:00 PM Seattle v NYCFC

Sun 26-Jun
Copa America Final
8:00 PM tbd v tbd
Euro 2016 Rd of 16
9:00 AM Winner A v Third C D E
12:00 PM Winner C v Third A B F
3:00 PM Winner F v Runner up E

Mon 27-Jun
Euro 2016 Rd of 16
12:00 PM Winner E v Runner up D
3:00 PM Runner up B v Runner up F

Thu 30-Jun
Euro 2016 quarter
3:00 PM tbd v tbd

Fri 1-Jul
Euro 2016 quarter
3:00 PM tbd v tbd

Sat 2-Jul
Euro 2016 quarter
3:00 PM tbd v tbd

Sun 3-Jul
Euro 2016 quarter
3:00 PM tbd v tbd

Wed 6-Jul
Euro 2016 semi
3:00 PM tbd v tbd
7:30 PM New England v NYCFC

Thu 7-Jul
Euro 2016 semi
3:00 PM tbd v tbd

Sat 9-Jul
8:00 PM Miami v NY Cosmos

Sun 10-Jul
Euro 2016 Final
3:00 PM tbd v tbd

Wed 13-Jul
7:30 PM NY Red Bulls v Orlando City
7:30 PM NY Cosmos v Jacksonville

Sat 16-Jul
9:00 PM Rayo OKC v NY Cosmos

European Football Schedule Update 10/7/15

We open early for all EPL matches


Thu 8-Oct
Euro Qualifying
12:00 PM Georgia v Gibraltar
2:45 PM Rep of Ireland v Germany
2:45 PM Scotland v Poland
2:45 PM Romania v Finland
2:45 PM Portugal v Denmark
World Cup Qualifying
4:30 PM Colombia v Peru
5:00 PM Venezuela v Paraguay
7:30 PM Chile v Brazil
8:00 PM Argentina v Ecuador

Fri 9-Oct
Euro Qualifying
2:45 PM Spain v Luxembourg
2:45 PM England v Estonia
2:45 PM Liechtenstein v Sweden

Sat 10-Oct
Euro Qualifying
12:00 PM Kazakhstan v Netherlands
12:00 PM Azerbaijan v Italy
12:00 PM Norway v Malta
2:45 PM Czech Rep v Turkey
2:45 PM Bosnia & Herz v Wales
2:45 PM Israel v Cyprus
9:30 PM USA v Mexico

Sun 11-Oct
Euro Qualifying
12:00 PM Faroe Isl. v Romania
12:00 PM Finland v N. Ireland
12:00 PM Greece v Hungary
12:00 PM Serbia v Portugal
2:45 PM Germany v Georgia
2:45 PM Gibraltar v Scotland
2:45 PM Poland v Rep. of Ireland
2:45 PM Denmark v France
5:00 PM NY Cosmos v Edmonton

Mon 12-Oct
Euro Qualifying
12:00 PM Russia v Montenegro
12:00 PM Sweden v Moldova
2:45 PM Luxembourg v Slovakia
2:45 PM Ukraine v Spain
2:45 PM Lithuania v England

Tue 13-Oct
Euro Qualifying
2:45 PM Netherlands v Czech Rep
2:45 PM Turkey v Iceland
2:45 PM Belgium v Israel
2:45 PM Italy v Norway
World Cup Qualifying
5:00 PM Ecuador v Bolivia
7:00 PM Uruguay v Colombia
9:00 PM Paraguay v Argentina
9:00 PM Brazil v Venezuela
10:15 PM Peru v Chile

Wed 14-Oct
7:00 PM Toronto v NY Red Bulls